Burrito Deluxe Ridgwell



On the Road for the Offbeat Generation.

The new novel from Joseph Ridgwell. 19 years since its original conception cult author Joseph Ridgwell has produced the road novel to end all road novels.

Burrito Deluxe is a fictionalised account of episodes in the life of beat movement figure Ridgwell.  The days of the neo-romantic counter culture are gone and the beat scene ain't what it was, but two young men set out to leave the rat race and its materialist culture behind and discover freedom and the wild side for themselves.

Burrito Deluxe is an amazing novel of East End underworld escapades, thieving La Merced prostitutes, drug-fuelled trips to sacred Mayan temples, psychedelic peyote visions, hippy lifestyles, romantic liaisons, and the search for the legendary Lost Elation at the mystical Beach of the Dead.


 Cider Camp by Craig Gibson

CIDER CAMP and OTHER TALES by Craig Gibson

A novel cure for alcoholism.

In the very near future a radical solution to the problem of chronic inebriation has been devised.  The RAIC, known to staff and inmates alike as Cider Camp, is masterminded by the frighteningly right wing Professor Blackwood. Comparisons are made with Gulags and Death Camps, but with a crucial difference - admittance to the camps is strictly voluntary!

Grim, highly cynical, and laden with gallows humour, CIDER CAMP is the debut collection from Craig Gibson.  CIDER CAMP has the power to repel and amuse in equal measure, and portrays a culture in which humanity and compassion are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Craig Gibson is the editor of Edinburgh's One O'Clock Gun.



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Distributed free in Edinburgh's bars and bookshops the One O'Clock Gun began in 2004 as a thought provoking, ballsy and often irreverent paper that initially appeared with a humble few followers. Today, ten years later, it still has those humble few followers. Available from handmade wooden boxes, the One O’Clock Gun appears to be an A4 sheet but in fact folds out to a massive double-sided A2 broadsheet, both sides crammed with stories poems and illustrations. Leamington Books publishes the One O’Clock Gun Anthology which captures the best of the first years of the Gun. The Anthology features 43 writers and original Gun art from Lucy McKenzie, and also has 16 colour photographic plates taken by Robin Gillanders, to give a true flavour of what the Gun was all about.

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